Handsome compact digital radio with Bluetooth® and twin-alarm functionality

Compact Companion

SuperSignal benefits from the functionalist design philosophy and uncompromising quality ethos that has become our hallmark. This remarkable compact digital radio is ideal for use in smaller rooms such as a kitchen or study, and makes a perfect bedside companion thanks to it’s twin digital alarms, touch-snooze feature and category-leading acoustic performance.


SuperSignal is equipped to receive DAB/DAB+ broadcasts, as well as traditional FM with RDS. Bluetooth® support is also included, meaning users can wirelessly stream music from their smartphone, tablet or other Bluetooth® enabled device, including laptops – with no physical docking necessary. means that where supported by the transmitting device, streaming music will be at CD quality rather than the lower bit rate MP3 quality of standard Bluetooth®. SuperSignal includes sophisticated alarm clock functionality including dual alarms, Sleep and Touch-Snooze activated by simply touching the radio’s aluminium grille.

SuperSignal’s wooden cabinet is clad in a choice of furniture-grade American walnut veneer or premium quality matt paint finishes, while anodised aluminium and mild steel components provide a reassuringly tactile quality. A detailed graphical OLED display and joystick control add a touch of modernity, while patented audio electronics and BMR driver technology deliver 12W of clear digital audio with clarity and deep rich bass.

  • High sensitivity DAB/DAB+ tuner

  • FM tuner with RDS

  • Wireless streaming

  • Dual alarm with Sleep and Snooze functions

  • High quality 2.4 inch graphical OLED display

  • Intuitive joystick driven user interface

  • FSC-certified wooden parts
    All wooden parts (veneer and/or MDF) used in a REVO SuperSeries radio are made out of FSC-certified woods.


  • Acoustic Engineering

    SuperSignal’s 5-star rated audio characteristics are the result of a considered blend of the finest electronic, acoustic and software design. The finest audio components, all-digital technology, cutting-edge sound modelling techniques and a carefully engineered bass porting system combine to deliver category defining performance.

  • BMR

    BMR (Balanced Mode Radiator) speaker drivers utilise flat diaphragm transducer technology and combine the performance attributes of a flat panel speaker with the pistonic movement of a conventional loudspeaker, resulting in a high performance compact drive unit that develops wide dispersion and an expanded sweet spot.

  • EQ

    Cutting-edge sound modelling techniques have been used to design SuperSignal’s award-winng sound profile. In tandem with our custom hardware design, SuperSignal’s proprietary EQ configuration develops a warm open sound with clarity, detail and deep rich bass – free from coloration and distortion and benefiting from an expansive sound field.

  • Cabinet

    A hand-crafted wooden cabinet has been selected for its superb acoustic properties, no other material provides the deep foundations of great audio performance like wood.

  • Amplification

    All-digital 12 watt Class-D amplifier.


Wireless Freedom

Wirelessly stream music to SuperSignal from a wide variety of Bluetooth enabled devices including smartphones, tablets and laptops.

MP3 quality of  Bluetooth® streams.

Design & Materials

Aesthetically, SuperSignal is a balanced blend of modernity and mid-century charm – perfectly proportioned, substantial, handsome. Whilst always looking to innovate, we also keep one eye on the past, learning and taking inspiration from the great designers of the 20th century. We believe that form should follow function and that attention to detail matters. Good design and the use of quality materials enrich and elevate the user experience.

A hand-crafted wooden cabinet has been selected for its superb acoustic properties, clad in furniture grade American walnut or subtle matt paint finishes, no other material provides the deep foundations of great audio performance like wood.

The use of high quality anodised 6000 series aluminium for the front fascia and speaker grille, and pressing steel for the backplate further inject a reassuring tactility and sense of honesty that cannot be achieved with lesser materials.


Technical Specification


    13.5 x 21 x 14 cm
    5.3 x 8.3 x 5.5 in


    12 watt Class-D


    Bluetooth® 4,1

  • PSU

    Multi-country power unit: UK, Euro, U.S. and Australasian


    2.3 kg
    5 lbs


    2.4 in graphical OLED


    Dual alarm memory with Sleep function and touch-panel Snooze


    SuperSignal radio, infrared remote control, owner’s guide, screen cleaning cloth and multi-country PSU


    Real wood veneers, MDF, anodised aluminium and mild steel


    Joystick-based user interface and infrared remote


    3.5mm headphone, AUX-IN, stereo RCA and
    software update port


    Maximum in operation 17.87 watts
    Standby 0.67 watts


    3.5 in BMR flat diaphragm transducer


    DAB/DAB+ and FM with RDS


“Visual appeal and superb audio ability mean the SuperSignal is a radio to be reckoned with.”

“Revo's got a near-flawless record when it comes to home audio... SuperSignal can pump out a sound that'll fill a room far bigger than its stature suggests. From the dynamic broadcasts of Radio 3 to TalkSport's shouty hysterics, it can handle anything. Low frequencies, top end and mid range all boom out in balanced unison, and reception is sturdy for both DAB & FM. Plus, hook it up to your phone via Bluetooth® and it excels with arrogant ease as a speaker.”

“The Revo SuperSignal is a brilliant bedside radio. The Bluetooth® tech is well implemented and the sound quality is consistently excellent.”

“Let's start by saying the Revo SuperSignal is the best radio we’ve ever had the pleasure of using, both in terms of its appearance (beautifully finished, Scandi inspired, compact) and it's performance (detailed, clear, powerful).”

“The fact that Revo have devoted so much of the Supersignal's face to the speaker should hopefully give a good indication of what this DAB radio is all about. This is the best digital radio for sound quality alone that I tested.”

“Best DAB and internet radio with all-round brilliant sound.”

Colours & Finishes


  • Shadow Edition

    Matt black wooden cabinet with black anodised aluminium front and black mild-steel rear.

  • Walnut/Silver

    Walnut cabinet with silver anodised aluminium front and silver mild-steel rear.

  • Walnut/Black

    Walnut cabinet with black anodised aluminium front and black mild-steel rear.