Memorable, meaningful design.

Our love of design, music and technology informs everything we do. Our products seek to blend the highest design principles with the very latest digital technology and acoustic engineering, the result is a range of products that seek to push the boundaries of modern radio design.

Whilst always looking to innovate, we also keep one eye on the past, learning and taking inspiration from the great radio designers of the 20th century. We believe that form should follow function and that attention to detail matters, good design enriches and elevates the user experience.

Our products are conceived, designed and developed in-house.

The art of design

Revo products are conceived, designed and developed in-house at our headquarters in Lanark, Scotland, allowing us to develop our ideas at our own pace and with an attention to detail that we believe sets us apart from our contemporaries.

The product development cycle begins with initial concepts being given life by way of very rudimentary thumbnail sketches, before 2D and then very quickly 3D CAD modelling is employed. The concept may go through a large number of iterations before a final development design is agreed upon and signed-off. The project then moves onto simple block models to allow us to consider the real world dimensions and proportions of the design, before selection and evaluation of key materials and components, and then to a series of testing samples and working prototypes.

We believe that as with any endeavour, product development benefits from effort and dedication, special things don’t just happen – put quality into the process, get quality out.

The science of acoustics

From as early as the concept stage we are thinking about the acoustic design and likely performance outcomes. We employ cutting-edge computerised sound modelling techniques to run theoretical studies and then assist with the implementation of our desired sound profile.

While we take advantage of all the benefits that technology can provides, ultimately our products need to have a human heart. With that in mind, at the latter stages of the audio development process, the graphs and test equipment are set aside and fine tuning is conducted over a period of months using the most sophisticated audio apparatus ever made, the human ear.

Our aim is to produce an audio device that exceeds the expectations of the end-user, equally comfortable playing classical, rock and spoken-word material. Our signature ‘sound’ is warm and open, with clarity, detail and deep rich bass – free from coloration and distortion and benefiting from an expansive sound field.

Sophisticated sound modelling techniques are employed.


Our products are the proud recipients of numerous international awards including seven Red Dot and three iF product design awards. These coveted accolades honour the very best in industrial design and set the gold standard by which we benchmark the quality of our design work.

The fruits of our dedication to audio excellence are reflected in a string of What Hi-Fi? magazine five-star reviews and eight What Hi-Fi? awards, including two Product of the Year accolades.