SuperConnect Stereo

REVO's all-time classic rebooted as stereo version

Next generation stereo radio

SuperConnect Stereo is the stereo version of one of the world’s most acclaimed digital radios. It takes the expression of REVO’s design and engineering philosophy and the culmination of everything we have learnt in more than 20 years of award-winning product design and development to the next level. The SuperConnect Stereo is a ‘connected’ radio that delivers over 36,000 radio stations from around the world and a host of next-generation features and functionality.


The REVO SuperConnect Stereo provides you with unrivalled hardware and sound quality in combination with best raw materials crafted in a timeless classic, Bauhaus-esque design. Radio from around the globe, access to your personal music collection or an almost limitless supply of songs from the world’s leading music streaming services, all controllable via a specially designed app for iOS or Android devices.

SuperConnect Stereo is equipped to receive a wide range of radio standards including DAB, DAB+, FM with RDS and wi-fi internet radio – providing access to over 36,000 stations from around the world.  WLAN technology and Bluetooth® technology delivers CD quality streaming from smartphones, tablets etc., and the access to streaming platforms like Spotify Connect, Amazon Music and Deezer completes the proposition by unlocking millions tracks from the respective archives.

A graphical OLED display and joystick control add a touch of modernity, while patented audio electronics and flat diaphragm BMR drivers technology deliver 30W of clear digital stereo audio with clarity and deep, rich bass.

  • DAB
    High sensitivity DAB/DAB+ tuner

  • FM
    FM tuner with RDS

  • Internet Radio
    Access over 36,000 stations from around the world

  • Bluetooth
    Wireless streaming in best digital quality

  • Spotify
    Access to over 30 million tracks in the cloud

  • Music Streaming
    Access to additional music streaming services (Amazon Music, deezer, Spotify)

  • Connectors
    Unrivalled range of physical connectivity

  • Alarm
    Dual alarm with Sleep and Snooze functions

  • UNDOK App
    App control for iOS and Android devices

  • FSC-certified wooden parts
    All wooden parts (veneer and/or MDF) used in a REVO SuperSeries radio are made out of FSC-certified woods.


  • Acoustic Engineering

    The SuperConnect Stereo’s audio characteristics are the result of a considered blend of the finest electronic, acoustic and software design. Premium quality audio components, all-digital technology, cutting-edge sound modelling techniques and a carefully engineered bass porting system combine to deliver category defining performance.

  • BMR

    BMR (Balanced Mode Radiator) speaker drivers utilise flat diaphragm transducer technology and combine the performance attributes of a flat panel speaker with the pistonic movement of a conventional loudspeaker, resulting in a high performance compact drive unit that develops wide dispersion and an expanded sweet spot.

  • EQ

    Cutting-edge sound modelling techniques have been used to design SuperConnect Stereo’s award-winning sound profile. In tandem with our custom hardware design, SuperConnect Stereo’s proprietary EQ configuration develops a warm open sound with clarity, detail and deep rich bass – free from coloration and distortion and benefiting from an expansive sound field.

  • Cabinet

    A hand-crafted wooden cabinet has been selected for its superb acoustic properties, no other material provides the deep foundations of great audio performance like wood.

  • Amplifictation

    All-digital 30 watt Class-D amplifier.

Take Control

UNDOK technology puts you in complete control of SuperConnect Stereo and its features and modes of operation, all courtesy of the UNDOK app for iOS and Android.

UNDOK centralises control of SuperConnect Stereo’s various functions including DAB, Internet radio, FM, Music Streaming Services and Network Audio.

  • Spotify & Streaming

    UNDOK integrates with Spotify and Music Streaming to provide access to millions of tracks, placing full control in the palm of your hand.

  • Radio Control

    Use UNDOK to conveniently search or browse through more than 36,000 stations and podcasts from around the world.


Our UNDOK app is available as a free of charge download.

Play Together

Spotify Connect provides effortless control and enjoyment of your music across a range of devices, from your phone, to your tablet, to your SuperConnect Stereo radio. Spotify Premium account holders can enjoy instant access to over 30 million songs from the Spotify archive, simply download the Spotify app for your smartphone or tablet.

  • Better Audio

    Higher sample rates make the most of your music

  • Play Together

    Control your music from any phone or tablet using the Spotify app as a remote

  • Non Stop

    Make or receive calls, use apps, go out of wifi range… the music keeps playing

  • Party Ready

    Get ready made playlists for every mood and moment

  • Free Trial

    Spotify Connect is a feature available to Premium customers, take a 30-Day Free Trial

Design & Materials

Aesthetically, the SuperConnect Stereo is a balanced blend of modernity and mid-century charm – perfectly proportioned, substantial, handsome. Whilst always looking to innovate, we also keep one eye on the past, learning and taking inspiration from the great designers of the 20th century. We believe that form should follow function and that attention to detail matters. Good design and the use of quality materials enrich and elevate the user experience.

A hand-crafted wooden cabinet has been selected for its superb acoustic properties, clad in furniture grade American walnut or subtle matt paint finishes, no other material provides the deep foundations of great audio performance like wood.

The use of high quality anodised 6000 series aluminium for the front fascia and speaker grille, and pressing steel for the backplate further inject a reassuring tactility and sense of honesty that cannot be achieved with lesser materials.


“Conclusion of the lite magazine:
The Revo SuperConnect Stereo is perfect for any genre. Thanks to the wide sweet spot, it is suitable as a radio for the background in the office or as a system for small and medium-sized rooms. If you consume most of your music online and don't want to free up so much space in your home for listening to music, this is an absolute dream system. ”

“"REVO's SuperConnect Stereo achieved 92.0% in our practical test, giving it an overall rating of "very good". The high-quality design radio was made from exquisite materials and impresses with convenient operability, impressive sound quality, and a wide range of functions."”


Technical Specification

Colours & Finishes

SuperConnect Stereo

  • Walnut/Silver

    Walnut cabinet with silver anodised aluminium front and silver mild-steel rear.

  • Walnut/Black

    Walnut cabinet with black anodised aluminium front and black mild-steel rear.